Alison Bradley


Alison Bradley is a Consultant at BLJ Worldwide. She is a seasoned communications professional focused on international public affairs. Alison’s experience includes directing a public diplomacy campaign to enhance bilateral relations between China and the United States; working with the media to break down the stigma of autism in Vietnam; leading the launch campaign for the Bangladesh-based non-profit organization BRAC USA; and coordinating media outreach for the official U.S. visit of HM Queen Elizabeth II to inaugurate the Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden.

Alison has worked on high-level projects for BLJ in Vietnam, China, the United States, Japan, Bangladesh and Qatar. She has traveled to Bangladesh to promote women’s education; organized and led over 15 delegations to China for former U.S. Senators and House Members, as well as senior editors and columnists; and worked with Yoko Ono in Japan to break down the stigma surrounding autism.

Alison has lived in six countries on four continents. She has a unique ability to pivot between disparate philosophies and ethos, to facilitate dialogue and openness between government officials and the media, and to build awareness and involvement in projects in the U.S. and abroad.