Oliver Lloyd

Partner and Executive Vice President

Oliver is Partner and Executive Vice President at BLJ. In the publication of its March 2014 edition, GQ Magazine in partnership with Editorial Intelligence and a panel of high level contributors named Oliver one of the 100 Best Connected Men in Britain.

He advises and connects ultra high net worth individuals, as well as prominent leaders across the political, business, media, entertainment, culture, sport, technology and charity sectors.

Prior to joining BLJ, Oliver worked for Sony USA in New York before winning a coveted place on DMGT’s management scheme. Oliver gained high-level experience in several departments at the media giant – including both commercial and editorial – working on key projects such as the Evening Standard sponsored London Fashion Week and Taste of London.

Oliver spent nearly more than four years as a national newspaper journalist, with successful stints at the Mail on Sunday and Evening Standard. Oliver has also contributed to The Times of London and Daily Mail.

Oliver figures prominently in PR Week’s annual Power Book, the industry’s take on the most influential people in Communications.

Oliver was appointed to the Advisory Board of Latimer Group in 2014. Latimer Group co-creates innovative charity initiatives, fresh marketing campaigns and award winning broadcast content.